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The Princess and her servant a tale of melancholic love by Charles Gonzalez

Once upon a time there was a young beautiful princess who was supposed to get married. Everyone in  the kingdom was invited to ask for her hand. The richest and most powerful men went one by one to see her offering their money, land or troops to provide her with protection. But there was also a very poor servant called Charles who was secretely in love with her. 

One day all of the pretenders were ordered to visit her during a dinner party  in her majestic garden. Charles mingled among the rich pretenders. None of the rich men suspected that he was also a pretender. When it was his turn to talk with the princess, he said:

 "My dear princess, I always have been in love with you. But I don't have anything to offer you except a sacrifice. I shall remain in front of your window for one hundred days, but with  the clothes I now wear and nothing to eat nor drink; only the rain to satisfy my thurst."

The princess couldn't believe what she had heard but after meditating for a few minutes said: 

"I accept your sacrifice. If you carry it out I promise to be your wife." 

That evening she opened her window and saw Charles sitting in the garden staring up at her. As time passed Charles became weaker and weaker, however every evening at sunset he could make out the image of the princess in the balcony window. She would smile approvingly. On the 99th day everyone in the kingdom went to the pallace to celebrate the future marriage between the servant and the princess. 

To everyone's surprise, just an hour before the 100 days were up, Charles left the garden. The princess was shocked and everyone began to exchange views concerning why the servant had left just before finishing his promise. 

Many days later a child saw Charles walking on a lonely country road, far from the pallace. 

"Why did you abandon your sacrifice just before finishing it?" he asked. 

Charles replied: "She never showed compassion for my sacrifice. I was waiting for her to tell me that she would marry me even if I didn't complete the 100 day wait. So I felt she didn't deserve my love."


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  1. I cried for an hour after reading this sad story. But it had been for me I would have married the princess!

    Peter Lovecraft