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Loryn Spangler-Jones: "I started experimenting with paint and discovery and liberated self expression."

Loryn Spangler-Jones of Lancaster, Pennsylvania lives in a rainbow of female colors. In a chat with Jaquematepress she explained: “I needed to fix me, learn how to make myself happy from the inside out.” That’s what painting is for her, a process that flows from the innermost reaches of the self.  Self taught, she came upon art, not as an inheritance, not as the result of academic study; rather it appeared when her creative intuition found a means of expression.
“I started experimenting with paint and color in 1997 as a means of self discovery and liberated self expression,” she points out in a statement on her art. “I quickly learned mixing mediums within my work added both complexity and depth to each individual piece.”
Much of her inspiration comes from her personal experiences as a woman, “deconstructing the societal bondage of oppression and silence.” That meant venturing into an “unknown territory within the corners of myself, shedding layers of fear and doubt and embracing my own vulnerability and sensuality…”
Your paintings reveal a profound concern for women..
I believe my work to represent the strength found in all women, regardless of race, religion or sexuality. My work exposes the vulnerability of our imperfections through the use of texture and mark making. And through my blending of color I am able to bring to light the inner beauty all women possess.
Why do you think men have until recently exercised dominance in the plastic arts?
I think men have exercised a dominance EVERYWHERE, the arts included. It would be easy to blame Religion for our patriarchal society but in all fairness I think women are just as much to blame. For far too long we have allowed ourselves to be doormats and not taken advantage of our own creative power. As a woman and a professional artist, I believe it is my responsibility to intentionally participate in the revolutionary, RELEVANT, change in gender equality.
Would you agree that the creative process—whether in painting, writing, dance or theatre—is necessarily a sort of adventure into the self, into the intimate experiences, fears, passions, tastes and thinking patterns of each creator?
One hundred per cent!!!
If someone were to ask you to define your art, what would your answer be?
Emotionally charged, challenging, relevant and always honest.
In your opinion what is the state of art today in the U.S.A. and more particularly in Lancaster?
That depends a lot on the location. For example, New York City, the city every artist wants to be able to say they have exhibited in: I feel it is highly competitive and unless you are willing to buy your way in or you know the right people your chances of representation are slim. Perhaps I am a bit biased because I am still trying to fight my way into N.Y.C. That being said, I feel incredibly fortunate to live in a city that is incredibly supportive of the arts. With over 30 galleries and First Friday receptions every month Lancaster continues to grow her art community.
Is there any predominant tendency?
I will let the viewers answer that question.
Do you feel that your art is taking a new direction? Does it take you there thanks to its own impulse or are you calling the cards?
I make it a habit to let my work lead me. I have learned the hard way. I just end up getting in the way of myself if I try to take over. I believe my work to be evolutionary and always autobiographical.
Do you practice any routine as a warm up for painting—yoga, zen, breathing technique, a special time and place—or do you paint only when the mood hits you?
In the beginning of my journey I would paint merely when I felt inspired. I no longer have that luxury. With more and more of a demand for my work, and scheduled exhibitions 12 months out, the creative process has now become a discipline. In the words of Picasso…”when inspiration shows up, it had better find you working.”
Have you published anything on your art?
This is the third year in a row I have been picked up by North Light Publishers, winning an international mixed media competition for publication in a hardcover coffee table art book. The book is scheduled to be released in September of this year with the public unveiling of my winning piece in October at Elmwood Gallery for the Arts in Buffalo, NY. The title of the book is “Incite VII: Color Passions” and will be available on Amazon.
Loryn Spangler-Jones, artist.
Director, Annex 24 Gallery

24 W. Walnut St. Lancaster, Pa 17603

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