sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

 Workshop on Monologues and Short Stories

      Are you actor, storyteller, English teacher; are you curious, got a good imagination, want to exercise your voice, explore the creative possibilities of your body, delve into the exciting world of role-play, learn more about your inner self and how to work with others; want to acquire creative skills in a charming environment with a native coach? Why not try our workshop on monologues and short stories? You can bring your own material, write your own monologues or stories,  or find them on the web, in a play, movies or novels, in the newspapers; or look for material on this blog.

        We stretch our bodies, voices and imaginations, do role-play and drama games and work on stories and monologues--which will be used as the raw material for the show-demonstration class that will end the year's work. The only requirements: at least 15 years of age and a reasonable command of spoken English. Also: a warm and curious heart open to new paths of learning!

      If you want to attend you must previously register at the institute, 926 Mexico street, or arrange by telephone at 4342 4936. More information: hopalfred@gmail.com   Phone: 4342 3588.



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