miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

the casting

"Are you the director?" I asked timidly.
"I've seen too much to be a director," replied the noble tree.
He seemed so well grounded I thought he just had to be the director. After all, directors are supposed to know what they want. 
"Well, I'm an actor and I heard there is going to be a casting here."
"What role are you I interested in?"
"I'd take any role but....What's the play?"
"Woh! Shakespeare is my cup of tea. I just did "Much ado about nothing."
"You can be a tree, if you want. In the final battle scene."
"Well, actually I was looking for something with a little more substance to it."
"My dear fellow: in theatre there are no small roles."
"I know. That's what they to.d me in my acting class. But, well, isn't there a role that would fit me better?"
"Don't worry! You'll grow Into
o it!"

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