miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

Demonstration class of dramatized poetry December 12th

We have the words in our hands, our lips seek the sounds, we feel an internal turmoil near our heart, the tips of our fingers vibrate strangely as if they had an energy of their own...an awesome light seems to shed a multi-colored rainbow over our bodies, our eyes see what they have not seen, our ears pound out newfound rythms...the rehearsal has begun!!
       But we don't need to wait until we get together with our companions at the theater. We should develop a routine--accompanying our daily physical tune up--a time and a place of our own, in the quietness of our living room, on a flower covered path, in front of the mirrir, taking a shower. One of our most difficult tasks is to make the poet's words are own. That comes with repitition, seeking hidden symbols, images, our own meanings (although the "meaning" in the academic sense can represent as much of a stumblingblock as an artistic advance), reading with more speed, more deliberately, looking for the stress, the accent, being enchanted by the sound of the phrase, in a word, allowing ourselves to be carried away momentarily into that magical world of creation. 
        These drills which we do alone or with our companions prepare us for the demonstration class  on dramatized poetry which we will hold December 12th. The act of performing our poems before an audience will reafirm our own self confidence and well enhance our own lives with the enchantment of poetry. Wouldn't it be nice if you could bring a poetic ring, a magical sense to the words that come and go so often without beautification? If you would like to attend the demonstraion class, please communicate with us at  hopalfred@gmail.com.

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