viernes, 8 de enero de 2016

Summer Storytelling, Writing and Acting Seminars

  Summer. Vacations. Plans for the New Year? What if we think of life as a never ending story? Every day a new tale appears. Problems to solve. Characters to deal with. Conversations with our neighbors, our loved one(s), the grocier, a discussion we have at the bank. Attitudes we assume when we wake up in the morning, which then take an about turn in the afternoon. Then at the end of the day we sit down with our dearest friend, sip a glass of rose wine and talk about the day's adventures. We narrate our own stories!
          We have organized a series of seminars for the hot sweaty months, aimed at having fun learning how to write about our experiences, how to tell stories and how to use impovisation technique to go through that magical transformation between the "me, myself and I" and the other character, the king, the businessman, the thief, the assassin. It's great fun and a unforgettable learning experience. 
                What? You don't trust your writing ability in English? No better way to improve it than to practice it with a U.S. born English teacher, writer and actor. We are not interested in grammar books. The beauty of the seminar is that it awakens the creativity of the participants!

              We meet Wednesdays at 7pm. For more details and the address write

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