miércoles, 16 de octubre de 2013

Doomsday is upon us! Is it really?

Tomorrow is the day. Doomsday? Oh dear, what’s going to happen to the consumer society? Is this the end of the American Dream or just a momentary nightmare? What should I do with my dollars? Are they going to raise the debt ceiling again, yes, again? Will it get lost in the clouds? And then: what if those machines that print dollars were to break down? What if we were to run out of paper, I mean cutting down so many trees and all. Let’s see: when you raise the debt you have to print more dollars, don’t you? What if China, owner of millions of U.S. debt certificates, were to say: “Hey guys, pay up or else!” Where in the hell is this crazy system taking us to? Buy! Buy! Buy! Can’t I just take in a deep breath and tell my girlfriend she is the flower of my life...or do I have to go buy her a new mobile telephone? Why do politicians sometimes smile and say to us: “buy, buy, that’s the solution to the crisis!” Where are we supposed to get the money from? Isn’t there more to life than going to shopping centers?

Don’t we have the right to ask who started the crisis? And who benefits from it? And why is it that some are stacking up dollars as if they were piles of boxes and others can’t even find anything to put into the boxes? If it is really as serious as they say, why did the Pentagon spend millions threatening to bomb the hell out of Syria? Why is there always another war lurking around the corner—just when there’s a financial, economic, pocket book crisis? Isn’t this like the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? Are there any other options? Will there be another Boston Tea Party? What will they throw into the sea this time? Good God! Some say we’ve gotta whack the state down to the elementals, the others say no the state should help people when the corporations act like Saturday evening casino players.

Doesn’t this remind you of the cowboy and indians? What was that slogan they used in the so-called westward movement? “The only good indian is a dead indian.” You’re either with us or against us. Black or white. Republican or Democrat. God or the Devil. Good or evil. Cristians or barbarians. Comunism or democracy. Sounds like the recorder has broken down. You listen but can only make out two options. And both are food for nightmares. So just sleep it off. How? How can I sleep if in just a few hours it will be October 17th. Yes, this is it! Doomsday is upon us, almost!

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