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Stageandcamera announces year end Demonstration Classes

November 30th and December 7th
At 4 O’clock in the afternoon
                    “An Inspector Calls” by J.B. Priestley

                A shortened, adapted and filmed version by the workshop
      students. An inspector arrives to question members of the
      Birling family concerning their moral responsibility in the
      suicide of a woman who had worked at the Birling  factory.

                                “A Blind Date”   an anonymous comedy
                What happens when a young attractive and demanding actress
                accepts a blind date with an engineer whose culinary tastes begin
and end with hamburgers? A comedy acted and filmed by  workshop students, filled with surprises and an ending ending worthy of Hollywood.

Coach:                   Alfred Seymour Hopkins
Assistant:               Kiran Sharbis

Teleactuar Mendoza 2444 (near Cabildo ave.), CABA
Information and booking: hopalfred@gmail.com /

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